ContinuLink Clinical Edge

The point of care solution for home health care.

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Clinical Edge for ContinuLink is easy to access

Ease of access

Connects seamlessly with ContinuLink from offline to online, empowering processes on either side with easy yet secure visibility and accessibility.


Compliance made convenient

 The dashboard presents incomplete tasks and documents to ensure nothing is missed while the interface guides clinicians through the care plan.
Clinical Edge for ContinuLink helps provide quality care

Simple and effective

With color-coded schedules, streamlined views and system prompts, the point of care solution helps clinicians spend less time documenting and more time on care.

Clinical Edge captures patient signature during home health visit

Intuitive, Efficient,
and Backed by Your
Reliable EMR Platform

Tailored to meet the needs of on-the-go clinicians, ContinuLink’s point of care solution, Clinical Edge, delivers an experience that’s simple, intuitive and engaging for its users.

From the custom form designer to guided compliance, Clinical Edge has the reliability as well as the flexibility needed by home health agencies of all sizes. Spend less time documenting and more time providing quality care, even offline. Clinical Edge will sync seamlessly from offline to online and integrates with the ContinuLink back office. 


Connects with ContinuLink

Clinical Edge is fully integrated with your ContinuLink data, and no third-party support is required. The seamless connection means there is also no risk of duplicate data. Improve the way you do business with Clinical Edge.


Easy, Configurable Setup

Getting setup with Clinical Edge as your POC solution is easy, and your agency controls the setup process for consistency across your organization. Clinical tasks and patient care plans are easily accessed while still being HIPAA-compliant.

Clinical Edge provides visibility for clinicians and administrators alike

Provides Visibility

Maintain peace of mind that your agency is meeting compliance requirements, and that your patients are being properly cared for, with visibility into any potential issues as they happen, and the ability to take action when needed.

Great for Clinicians,
Amazing for Agencies,
Ideal for Patients

  • Better coordination of care

  • Increased diagnostic accuracy

  • Efficient flow of information with immediate updates to all integrated systems

  • Builds an environment of trust

ContinuLink Clinical Edge works across all devices

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