Mobile Edge

Providing an EVV solution with care plan adherence for home care in Ohio.


Mobile Edge is an Approved Alternate Vendor in the State of Ohio


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Built for mobile

Connect seamlessly with ContinuLink, empowering processes on either side with real-time visibility and access.


Solves for EVV

Satisfy the Cures Act mandate in the state of Ohio for Electronic Visit Verification requirements for home care agencies.


Your GPS needs met

Maintain compliance and increase the effectiveness of staff management with reliable GPS location coordinates.

Mobile Edge app preview on iOS

An Integrated Solution with Powerful Features

The Mobile Edge solution enables home care agencies to easily satisfy EVV requirements while providing two-way communication with the ContinuLink EHR and full, real-time integration with the platform's back office to support scheduling, payroll and billing.

Improve the caregiver experience with the convenience of the mobile app, with task plans and schedules on hand at all times, while increasing efficiency and reliability on the administrative side.

Innovative features like push notifications for schedule assignments make Mobile Edge a standout solution.


Connects with ContinuLink

Mobile Edge is fully integrated with your ContinuLink data, and no third-party support is required. The seamless connection means there is also no risk of duplicate data. Improve the way you do business with Mobile Edge.


Easy, Configurable Setup

Getting setup with Mobile Edge is easy, and your agency controls the setup process for consistency across your organization. Paraprofessional care plans and documentation are updated in real-time while still being HIPAA-compliant.


Provides Visibility

Maintain peace of mind that your agency is meeting compliance requirements, and that your clients are being properly cared for, with visibility into any potential issues as they happen, and the ability to take action when needed.

Happier Staff,
Happier Clients

Mobile Edge notifications eliminate common sources of friction in scheduling and ensure that no time is lost when a client is in need of a caregiver visit, and that no shifts go unfilled.

An in-app pop-up allows caregivers to receive open shift alerts and quickly take action. The schedule assignment automatically updates in ContinuLink, and the assigned caregiver can access all of the necessary client information from their phone after scheduling is complete.


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